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Yearning For The Yukon

It’s difficult to think of the Yukon as a tourist destination when our idea of this territory is a cold and snowy wilderness! True enough, the Yukon can be cold and snowy thanks to its northerly location and the fact that it has an arctic and sub-arctic climate so if you want to visit in the summer, you only have a short window in which to do it. To be honest, I would like to visit the Yukon in both the summer and the winter to really get a true feel for our most north westerly regions of land, and […]

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Dawson City Overview

The Bonanza Creek is the richest paying dirt in the world, and the National Park Service has preserved and interpreted some of the prospecting sites. At km. 10 (mile 6.2), you can even try your hand at panning for gold! Visit Dawson City in the warmer months, as most tourist attractions are only open in the summer. Gold City Tours offers personalized bus tours of local towns, rivers, gold mines and a trip up Midnight Dome. Midnight Dome is a hill running alongside Dawson City, covered in trees. Since Dawson City is only 300 km (186 mi.) south of the […]

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