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Yukon Overview

There really is a land where sunrise and sunset lasts for hours in a beautiful red haze, where in the summer, days are long enough to read outside at 11 pm or go fishing at midnight. The Yukon is a Canadian secret waiting to be discovered. Although only two thirds of the Yukon’s population lives outside of Whitehorse, the remote regions of the Yukon have so much to offer. They tell the true story of how this territory came to be. The Yukon is home to several mountain chains, a wide variety of wildlife including all three of Canada’s bear […]

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Northern Yukon Overview

The only permanent settlement in Northern Yukon is the village of Old Crow with a population of 270. There is no road access to the community. There are several valuable wetlands in the Yukon, which provide breeding habitats for several aquatic mammals, peregrine falcons, and a variety of waterfowl, shorebirds and songbirds. The Yukon River system runs through most of the Yukon, and a large number of large, long and narrow glacier-fed alpine lakes flow into it. Much of the population of the territory is First Nations. The first economic activity in the Yukon consisted of fur trading; muskrat, beaver, […]

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Whitehorse Overview

Relax for the day at the local Takhini Hot Springs, popular with locals and tourists. Lake Laberge, located 62 km (38.5 mi.) from Whitehorse, is famous as the site of the burning of the corpse in Robert Service’s immortal poem ‘The Cremation of Sam McGee’. In February, ‘Yukon Quest’ is one of the most popular dogsled races in North America, beginning in Whitehorse and ending in Fairbanks. Come and cheer on your favourite team! The Yukon International Storytelling Festival is a fascinating way to learn about Yukon culture; ancient First Nations and Native circumpolar peoples tell of their culture and […]

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Dawson City Overview

The Bonanza Creek is the richest paying dirt in the world, and the National Park Service has preserved and interpreted some of the prospecting sites. At km. 10 (mile 6.2), you can even try your hand at panning for gold! Visit Dawson City in the warmer months, as most tourist attractions are only open in the summer. Gold City Tours offers personalized bus tours of local towns, rivers, gold mines and a trip up Midnight Dome. Midnight Dome is a hill running alongside Dawson City, covered in trees. Since Dawson City is only 300 km (186 mi.) south of the […]

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