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There really is a land where sunrise and sunset lasts for hours in a beautiful red haze, where in the summer, days are long enough to read outside at 11 pm or go fishing at midnight. The Yukon is a Canadian secret waiting to be discovered.

Although only two thirds of the Yukon’s population lives outside of Whitehorse, the remote regions of the Yukon have so much to offer. They tell the true story of how this territory came to be. The Yukon is home to several mountain chains, a wide variety of wildlife including all three of Canada’s bear species, and the most stunning virgin territory any outdoor enthusiast has ever seen. As well, the remains of the famous gold, silver, zinc and lead mines tell the story of the short-lived but sparkling Klondike glory days of the late nineteenth century. Visit these Yukon regions and explore for yourself the glory of the great Canadian North.

Outside of the Whitehorse, there are communities worth exploring.

Watson Lake

Known as ‘The Canadian Gateway to the Yukon’, Watson Lake is an important landmark on the Alaska Highway for travelers headed north from British Columbia.

Teslin and Carcross

Marking the halfway point between Whitehorse and Watson Lake, Teslin is a town of traditional Yukon activities including fishing, trapping and carving. Carcross is located just south of Whitehorse, is named from the shortened ‘Caribou Crossing’.

Kluane and Elias Mountains

A must-see on any visit to the Yukon, the Elias Mountain range and Kluane National Park Preserve has been transformed by the government into one of the most attractive parks in the country. Mount Logan is the highest point in Canada.

The Silver Trail

Visit the original gold rush location, now a heavily mined area of silver deposits. At one spot along the Silver Trail, you can even pan for gold for yourself, so cross your fingers and bring your gold pan! The towns of Mayo and Keno tell the mining story first-hand.

Northern Yukon

This unspoiled and bountiful wilderness will amaze even the most seasoned adventurer. With glaciers, forests, mountains, lakes, and rivers, there is never a dull moment. Since most of the population resides in the south, this is the place to discover serenity and beauty unspoiled.

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